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Water-Based Protector

Maintaining your shoes and garments is essential if you want to keep them over time.
For an optimal protection we recommend apply Water-based protector regularly.
Its formula is environmentally friendly and suitable to use on all materials like smooth leather, suede, nubuck, fabric and canvas and more.

It works perfectly on shoes, boots, coats, suitcases, hats, gloves and other garments.
Better than aerosol this water-based pump spray has no toxic odor or harmful dyes or colors, respecting the original colors and the natural leather characteristics.
The drying process is slower than a standard aerosol, but its formula penetrates and covers large surfaces easily, quickly and evenly.

How to use

1. Remove any dirt or dust from the surface with a cloth or a brush.
2. Shake the water-based pump-spray.
3. Spray on the surface to be treated from about 15 cm.
4. Spread it evenly over the surface with a brush to enhance the product effect.
5. Let dry 3 hours (12 hours is a plus)
TIP: For a best results, repeat the process for 2 or 3 times.