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Timeless Journey of Excellence

SINCE 1946

When Soletech, Inc. was founded in 1946 as the M. Jaffe Company, the company’s primary business was to supply the many smaller shoe-manufacturing companies in New England and Pennsylvania with “bottom” components – compression molded rubber heels and soles and composition soling sheets. 

It has a long history and deep expertise as a supplier of bottom components to the U.S. shoe industry, being a pioneer in sourcing materials and products overseas. SoleTech was among the first US companies to source products in the Far East and soon became a key player in the shoe repair and orthopedic industries.

EARLY 1980's

In the early 1980’s, during the running shoe boom, SoleTech became one of the first American companies to source and supply EVA as a midsole component. It found a niche in the industry by becoming specialty manufacturers of high quality compression molded EVA soles for the athletic shoe industry and molded rubber heels targeted for large shoe manufacturers. Today, SoleTech remains a leading manufacturer of components used by large shoe companies.  

THE 1990's

The EVA products developed for the running shoe companies were well received by manufacturers of orthotics and braces because of their lightweight density and thermo-molding capabilities and these products opened a whole new market within the orthopedic industry. SoleTech was also among the first US companies to source products in the Far East and soon became a key player in the shoe repair and orthopedic industries.  SoleTech’s Shoe Repair products are used throughout shoe repair shops across the country.  SoleTech produces outsoles and heels, and many other products that a typical shoe repair shop would use.  

IN 2014

In 2014 Soletech acquired Lincoln Shoe polish company. Lincoln is a real Amercian Heritage brand with a time-honored Stain Wax formulation used even today as it is what converted this brand a 90-year success story. With the aquisition the of Lincoln Shoe Polish Company , Soletech initiated its journey in the shoe care sector as well.


Soletech became the exclusive distributor in the US of the brands of the French ALMA F.R.C., a world leader due to the quality and diversity of its leather care and renovation products and has successfully met the challenge of maintaining traditional manufacturing practices.


From sourcing to manufacturing to quality control to aftermarket consumer service, the mission of SoleTech is to offer innovative and durable product performance and provide seamless customer service. Our vision is to build products and customers for life. SoleTech has a corporate office located in Salem, MA and a distribution center in Claremont, NH.