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Sneakers Total Black

Sneakers Total Black is a liquid cream Wax-Based with high pigment black color that covers scratches, dirt and gives nutrition the leather, prevent this from crack, giving a second life to your black sneakers!

The round sponge design allows a very precise accurate and a high-quality finish after use. Thanks to its fast absorption, the product does not stain and the first results are achieved after 5 minutes of drying.

  • Applicator 75 ml / 2,5 fl.oz.
  • Easy application.
  • High-covering.
  • The special design of its sponge allows an easy application.
  • Fast drying 5 minutes.

How to use

  1. Remove any dust particles from the surface.
  2. Shake well the bottle face down.
  3. Soak the sponge putting pressure gently on the surface and apply the product.
  4. Let dry for 5 minutes.
  5. After using, clean the applying sponge with water to avoid the rests of black cream to dry and damage the sponge.
    Sneakers Total Black
    Sneakers Total Black