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Sneakers Brushes Cleaning Kit

Tarrago Sneakers Brushes Cleaning Kit is an essential you have to have to clean and maintain your sneakers fresh and ready to use.

This kit contains:
1 Tarrago Sneakers Total Brush: made up of a beech wood handle, and soft synthetic bristles, that will help you to remove safely the most difficult stains in all surfaces, especially on delicate surfaces, that need an extra care.
1 Tarrago Sneakers Dust Remover: made up of a black beech wood handle, and long and super soft synthetic bristles to eliminate the daily dust from your sneakers. Its long bristles, remove the most difficult dust in small holes such those in textile, knit or mesh. It is suitable for all textile materials.

Sneakers Brushes Cleaning Kit
Sneakers Brushes Cleaning Kit