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Saddlery Saddle Soap

Soap especially made for saddlery but can be used on any smooth leather. Cleans and protects leather from the inclement weather, sweat and dirt, leaving it smooth and soft and extending its life. Thanks to its content in vegetable oil, it moisturizes the skin, avoiding cracking.

It is used in smooth leather items such as saddles, boots, nods, throws, leather goods, luggage, etc.

This product performs an anti-slip action on the saddle, strengthening the good position of the rider without losing the natural shine of leather.

  • Aluminum Tin
  • 100ml/3.2 fl.oz
  • Colorless


How to use

  1. Remove surface dust.
  2. Rub on the soap with a soaked sponge to get foam.
  3. Apply over the leather rubbing vigorously.
  4. Remove the remaining foam with a clean and slightly damp sponge.
  5. Allow to dry.
  6. Once dry polish by rubbing with a cloth / chamois.
Saddlery Saddle Soap
Saddlery Saddle Soap