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High Tech Nano Nubuck Renovator Spray

Color:0 - Neutral

Tarrago Nano Nubuck Renovator has a great recoloring power, revitalizes the original color of the garment or footwear and adds a powerful additional waterproofing protection based on nanotechnology.

Revives the color and appearance of nubuck, suede and velvet leather.

Waterproof making the garment or footwear becomes more repellent to water and dust. Making the color stronger, stable and durable.

The material maintains its breathability and waterproofness. With frequent use surfaces remain as new for longer. Product recommended for Gore Tex membranes and other High Tech.

Tarrago Nano Nubuck Renovator, thanks to its specific formula for suede and nubuck, permits that its content in top-quality pigments enriched the original color and moreover its fluoride polymers provide protection against humidity. Enriched with natural and organic vegetable oils and Jojoba oil. Provides a soft touch in suede and nubuck leathers thanks to its content in oils. Tarrago Nubuck Suede Renovator is recommended for TEX and other HIGH-TECH membranes.

  • 200 ml/7,04 fl.oz spray.
  • Colors range: Neutral, black.
High Tech Nano Nubuck Renovator Spray
High Tech Nano Nubuck Renovator Spray