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Nano Protector Spray


Tarrago Hight Tech Nano Protector is a high-tech waterproofing based on nanotechnology that prevents the transfer of water to the interior of breathable materials and membranes such as Gore-Tex®. Thanks to its effective waterproofing properties, the breathability of the treated surface remains loss-free. This product repels dirt and its regular use prolongs the life of each surface. You can use Tarrago Hight Tech Nano Protector on classic footwear, outdoor footwear, functional jackets, bags, backpacks, etc.

  • Recommended for High-Tech membranes due to the fact that it allows breathability.
  • Colorless spray.
  • Available in two formats: 250ml/8,80 fl.oz and 400ml/14,08 fl.oz.
  • Not suitable for: metalized leather and patent leather.

How to use

1. Remove any dirt or dust from the surface with a cloth or a brush.
2. Shake de the bottle spray before use.
3. Spray evenly onto the surface to treat from a distance of 30cms approximately.
4. Let dry 30 minutes.

It is recommended to apply this product in ventilated areas or outdoor areas.

Nano Protector Spray
Nano Protector Spray