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Nano Leather Wax Tube


Tarrago Nano Leather Wax High nourishing power leather cream. Coloring and waterproofing high performances, for smooth and synthetic leather.

Enhances the original color and makes it water resistant and dustproof.

Its formulation with natural waxes such as beeswax, selected pigments and waterproofing agents based on the revolutionary Nanotechnology, makes any smooth leather remain as new for longer.

The high tech treated leather keeps its original waterproofing and breathability effect.

Has a fast absorption. From the total content of waxes, the 31% is original beeswax, which gives great softness and nourishing to the leather.

In comparison with the Tarrago Nano Cream is more waterproofing, because it contains higher concentration of waterproofing agents and specific waxes that help to this property.

  • Available in two colors: colorless and black.
  • Presentation: Box + Tube applicator 75ml/2,64 fl.oz.

Nano Leather Wax Tube
Nano Leather Wax Tube