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High Tech Oil Nano Protector Spray

Tarrago High Tech Oil Nano Protector offers innovative top-class protection based on revolutionary Nanotechnology.

Waterproofing, protector and nutrient effect thanks to its nutritive oil content. Its application enhances the water repellency of fabrics and dirt repellency.

Dust, water, oil and fatty sailings will not adhere to the surface and will instead run off like little pearls due to its “intelligent” fluorocarbon polymer, which forms an invisible protective film on the surface of the leather or textile materials during application, mimicking the so-called “Lotus Effect”.

By using regularly, materials stay breathable and the surface of the materials look as new for much longer.

It has a nutritive effect, which makes it especially recommended for oiled leather and garments.

  • Colorless spray.
  • Available in 400ml / 14,08 fl.oz
  • Suitable for oiled leather, oiled and waxed nubuck and cotton such as Barbour, and breathable and water proof High-Tech fibers, such as Gore Tex, Sympatex, etc.
High Tech Oil Nano Protector Spray
High Tech Oil Nano Protector Spray