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Shoe-Eze Spray


The Dilator Saphir Shoe-Eze will solve one of the biggest problems that exist today with footwear: pressure foot pain. This product is presented as one of the best shoe dilators on the market. Its content is colorless, so there will be no stains or marks once applied. It does not produce any odor, it is very fresh and it is not dangerous for the skin.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: It should always be worn on a clean shoe. Shake the aerosol vigorously and spray by pressing briefly inside the shoe, on the area that produces the most pain. Put on your shoes immediately and walk with them for a few minutes to fit the foot.

TIPS: A second application of the product can be carried out, without waiting any time period. If the footwear is new, it is recommended to walk for a while to know where it hurts the most and then apply the product there.

Shoe-Eze Spray
Shoe-Eze Spray