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Wax Softener

The wax softener is intended to bring back the original texture of dried paste polishes like Mirror Gloss, the Pâte de Luxe, Traveler’s Pâte de Luxe or cream polish like the Crème 1925 and to ease the application on to the leather. It can also be used to clean the bristles of brushes (pork, horsehair and others).

100% plant-based, environmentally friendly product.

The wax softener improves the ability of creams and polishes to be absorbed by the leather and natural bristle brushes cleaning: pork, horsehair…
The texture of polishes like the Mirror Gloss, the Pate de Luxe, the Traveler's Pate de Luxe and the Cream 1925 can be adapted to personal preferences and individual shoe shining technique.


Shake the gasless spray

For wax:
Spray either directly in the shoe polish box or on your rag according to the specific techniques to each shoe shiner.

Spray directly on the bristles of the brush, then rub it on a cotton cloth.
Repeat this operation until the cotton cloth is relatively lightly soiled by the brush.

Wax Softener
Wax Softener