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Suede Renovator


Saphir Suede Renovator, the ultimate solution for maintaining and enhancing your suede and nubuck items.

Expertly formulated, this renovator breathes new life into your suede accessories and footwear. Its advanced formula gently cleanses, revives color, and restores texture, giving your suede a fresh and refined appearance.

Designed for easy application, the Saphir Suede Renovator is your go-to choice for keeping your suede items in impeccable condition. Simply apply a small amount onto a brush or cloth, then work it into the suede. Watch as scuffs and blemishes disappear, leaving your suede renewed and elegant.

Care Instructions

Gently clean the surface and remove any dust or dirt with a brush.
Remove stains and marks with Gommadin Suede Eraser.
Deeply clean the surface with Omni’Nettoyant.
Hold the Renovateur Spray can 20 cm away from the item and spray in a well-ventilated area. Do not saturate the item.
If you are cleaning shoes, fill with paper after treatment to retain the shape and absorb any excess moisture.
Leave to dry for 10 minutes.
For additional protection and waterproofing, use Super Invulner as a final coat.

Use a tinted Suede Renovateur Spray product to re-colour your item. The application will provide remarkable rejuvenation.

Suede Renovator
Suede Renovator