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Sole Guard

Saphir Medaille d'Or Sole Guard limits premature wear of leather soles by reducing abrasion and penetration of salt and moisture into the leather. This product protects leather shoe and boot soles by waterproofing, conditioning and nourishing bottoms from harsh weather, so your shoes will last longer and look better.

Saphir’s Sole Guard is crafted from 100% vegetable oil. This protects leather shoes, sneakers & boots from water, salt and other elements outdoors. Waterproofing is essential for taking proper care of shoes.

First, clean your shoe of dust and surface dirt with a brush. Simply apply the oil to the sole of your leather shoe with a chamois cloth and allow it to dry for one hour. Reapply if desired and allow to dry overnight.

Care instructions

  1. Apply Sole Guard sparingly with a dry cotton chamois cloth.
  2. Allow to dry for one hour then reapply if desired. Wipe off any excess liquid not absorbed into the leather.
  3. Leave the second application to dry for a minimum of six hours or overnight, if possible.


We suggest using Sole Guard at least every three months.

Sole Guard
Sole Guard