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Nappa Cream

Saphir Medaille d’Or Nappa Cream is designed specifically for nappa leather, this premium cream offers a rich and nourishing treatment. It restores softness, color vibrancy, and helps to prevent creasing, keeping your leather items looking impeccable.

The formula is gentle yet effective, ensuring that nappa leather's unique characteristics are maintained. Easily apply a small amount with a soft cloth, and watch as your leather goods regain their luxurious texture and elegant sheen.

Whether it's a cherished handbag, wallet, or other nappa leather accessory, Saphir Nappa Cream is your go-to choice for maintaining their timeless elegance and extending their lifespan. Elevate your leather care routine and enjoy the soft, supple feel of revitalized nappa leather.

Instructions for use of Saphir Medáille d'Or Nappa Cream:

  1. Remove any dust or dirt from leather with a cloth
  2. Apply the Nappa sparingly using either an applicator brush or applicator cloth
  3. Let the cream dry for 5 minutes
  4. Polish with a soft cotton or wool cloth

Test beforehand on a non-visible area.
After applying the Nappa Leather Cream, we recommend using SUPER INVULNER MEDAILLE D’OR. The resin-based formulation enhances protection against the elements such as water, grease and dirt.

Nappa Cream
Nappa Cream