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Satin Dye


Saphir BdC Satin Dye is a dye specially designed for dyeing satin. It contains high quality dyes, providing great coverage and a slight glossy finish. It does not alter the texture of satin. Suitable for dyeing light colors.

Satin Dye contains a high quality formula with excellent covering power and a slightly glossy satin finish. Do not use on silk shoes. 50ml bottle comes complete with applicator brush.

Directions for use:

If necessary, pre-clean shoes before dyeing with Saphir's Omnidaim. Wear rubber gloves and shake bottle well before using. Begin by applying the dye with the brush along the seam. Do not saturate the shoes with dye. Immediately after application of the first coat, lightly reapply dye to whole shoe, paying particular attention to areas which appear patchy. Store your shoes preferably with a shoe tree inserted, leaving shoes to dry away from direct heat and sunlight. The final result will depend on the original color of the satin.

Satin Dye
Satin Dye