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Pâte De Luxe


Saphir Medaille d’Or Pate de Luxe is a high quality wax polish specially designed to nourish, soften, protect, and add a high shine to your smooth calf skin.

This wax is formulated from all natural pine based turpentine, beeswax, carnuba wax, along with six other nourishing, protective, softening, and shining waxes.

Pate de Luxe is an essential and necessary product needed to produce a mirror shine.

If you would like help achieving a mirror shine, please visit my in depth and comprehensive guide to achieving a mirror shine:

Instructions for use of Saphir Medáille d'Or Polish Wax:

  1. Remove all dirt or dust from the footwear.
  2. Apply the wax without excess with the help of cotton cloth, Chamois or a soft bristle brush such as the 18cm Crim Horse Brush.
  3. Make the wax penetrate well, in order to nourish it deeply and obtain maximum protection.
  4. Let dry and polish with wool cloth or a soft bristle brush

Before waxing the shoes, we recommend (if the leather is dirty or with an excess of waxes) to clean it with the help of the Saphir liquid Renomat 100ml colorless

Test in an hidden place on the leather to check and verify the result of the test.

Pâte De Luxe
Pâte De Luxe