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Mirror Gloss


Mirror Gloss is a specialized wax polish for producing a mirror shine quickly and easily. Based on Montan wax, Carnuba, and Beeswax, mirror gloss was designed to achieve the highest shines. 

If you would like help achieving a mirror shine, please visit my in depth and comprehensive guide to achieving a mirror shine:

1. Apply your shoe care. 
2. Apply MIRROR GLOSS with a cotton cloth by circle movements on your shoe's part to glaze. Pressure on leather must be light as the feeling is very touch-sensitive. Renew application. As soon as you feel a grip, drop a few drops of water on the leather with your finger.
3. Kindly stroke leather with the same cloth while still doing circle moves. The aim is now to bring up the shine and give relief to the shoe by repeating previous steps to enhance glazing shine. Glazing is a slow operation; don’t hesitate to alternate from left shoe to right shoe to allow the different layers to dry.
4. Let dry for ½ an hour without brushing the leather not to scratch the hardly obtained result.
5. Polish using a POLISHING GLOVE (ref 2520)
Mirror Gloss
Mirror Gloss