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E-Z Cleaner


Lincoln E-Z Cleaner elevate the lifespan of your leather items. It is a versatile product designed to provide safe and effective cleaning. This powerful formula not only removes dirt and grease but also nourishes and lubricates leather fibers, preserving their suppleness.

The Original all-purpose cleaner, E-Z Cleaner is your go-to choice for various applications. From cleaning soles to refreshing car interiors, accessories, and even furniture, its versatility knows no bounds.

Experience the E-Z Cleaning promise: a cleaning solution that won't alter or fade colors. Choose E-Z Cleaner to enhance your leather care regimen and enjoy the confidence of impeccably clean and well-maintained leather items.

How to use the Lincoln E-Z Cleaner

  1. Shake bottle
    First, you will want to shake the bottle. There will be "gold flakes" in the bottle, its 100% normal and is our special ingredient!

  2. Open and apply
    After shaking, open the bottle and use the foam and pour onto a clean cloth.

  3. Wipe and let dry
    Scrub with a scrub brush or clean cloth thoroughly. Wipe off excess and let dry. If you are cleaning suede/nubuck, you will want to use a brass or nylon brush to brush the suede and soften it back to a buttery feel after.

E-Z Cleaner
E-Z Cleaner